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2016 / 2017



in cooperation with Thomas Kluckner

Arbeiterkammer/Jägermaierhof, Linz

Education starts in the mind — we think, reflect and create relationships to ourselves, to others and to the world. Thinking is an inner activity and a prerequisite for gaining knowledge. The AK Bildungshaus, a place for further education and training, offers a wide range of possible uses due to its different areas. It is a house where physical and mental activities, as well as times of relaxation and peace, meet. A light object in the airspace of the foyer makes these active and passive phases in the house visible. The form of the object resembles optically a thought bubble, whose three-dimensional appearance opens up room for interpretation: whether captured cloud, human thinking apparatus or horizon lines, which did not want to run straight anymore… The white-luminous installation begins to pulsate slowly with the start of work in the house due to an increasing and decreasing light intensity. In the breaks, after the end of the course and at the end of work, the installation shines with reduced luminosity in a standby mode, comparable to the state of human relaxation. During the night, the object is switched off. The object symbolizes the activity of collective thinking, working, and rest in the building. The permeable linear luminous object combines with the architectural concept of a light-flooded and open reception area. It opens up an aesthetic space that stimulates reflection and conveys positive activity.

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