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Videoinstallation, 6:20 min loop, Full HD, sound, Dimensions variabel



Language: English

Number of pages: 24
Bookbinding: swiss brochure
Print: Offset printing
Layout: Alexander Kremmers
Edition: 150 pieces
Format (closed): 23,7 x 15 cm



fold sheet,
QR Code: single screen cut version
6.42 min, file format: mp4

// Fotocredits SarahDecristoforo

The work My Adult Comedy Drama with pornography as the main topic consists of a multichannel audio-video installation and an accompanying written publication. Four characters (Cheerleading Girl, Handyman, Pizzaman and The Artist) have a conversation of pornographic content, which explicitly omits any emotion. Each of the four large-format projection screens shows a video portrait of the two actresses and the two actors against a black background. The dialogue forming sentences have their origin in literary historical pornographic texts and also texts from contemporary media. By way of example, wall labels of brothel walls in Pompeii meet cybersex conversations of the 21st century. The resulting text-collage brings forth a new narrative style, which uses the clichés of this explicit genre but also breaks them. The main parts of the research conducted at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction in Bloomington/Indiana. The accompanying published script, My Adult Comedy Drama / Annotated Script, provides the used sources and gives information on the authors and the temporal-historical context.

​The sentences forming the dialogue derive from literary-historical pornographic text-material and also from contemporary media. 

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