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plexiglass, label film, painted wood,

light emitting diodes, 251 x 121 x 15 cm 
// exhibition views:

Studienkirche St. Josef, Burghausen 
Photos: Thomas Kluckner # 1 & 2
Herbert Öller # 3


The forms of socially mediated images and signs serves as template for the created text installation. The work deals with the medial context of mass communication and questions the objectivity of linguistic systems. The used picture language well known from advertising: In front of a bright white background, letters in large format form the sentence Fear Knows No Sunday. In the style of movie announcements, placed at cinema entrances, the text has been positioned on the gallery of the Church St. Joseph in Burghausen (Germany). This positioning of the light box creates a semantic shift that allows different levels of association. 

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