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Mirror, paint, wood, metal 122 x 182 x 1,5cm

Photography: 50 x 70cm; 

Photo documentation: each 13 x 21cm

// exhibition view
Messehalle, Burghausen

// Fotocredits: Sarah Decristoforo # 2 & 3

Thomas Kluckner # 1 & 4


The phrase Some People do this for Fun I'm just a Cunt ... by an unknown tagger was measured, photographed and reproduced in its original size on a mirror using stencil technique and paint spray. The re-transfer to public space provokes a reflection on the terminology "cunt": people with vulvas, biological cunts, surgical cunts, metaphorical cunts. Transwomen with phalloplasty, transmen with vulvas, people with testo-clits or clit-dicks, transwomen who refer to their genitals as vulva or cunt, cis-women and those who grew up without words or history to their gender. The word "cunt" has a powerful origin and is related to the Indian goddess Kunti, to know / ken (to know something), queen (queen), king (king), kin (kin), country (country), cow (cow) and more.

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