2014 //

Mirror, paint, wood, metal
122 x 182 x 1,5cm

Photography: 50 x 70cm; 

Photo documentation: 

each 13 x 21cm
// exhibition view:
sculptors symposium
Messehalle, Burghausen 


Photos: Sarah Decristoforo # 1 

Thomas Kluckner # 2 & 3


During the sculptors symposium in Burghausen (Germany) graffiti sayings were collected locally. The resulting work Garaffitti Mirror Displacement consists of a mirror object and in addition contains a photo documentation. The chosen slogan: Some People do this for Fun I‘m just a Cunt ... of an unknown tagger has been measured in place, and photographed. Afterwards it was reproduced by stencil technique and spray in a 1:1 scale on a mirror. On one hand the mirror has been transferred back to the public space and on the other hand it was presented in the gallery space. The return to the public space and the thereby occured »displacements« have been documented photografically. Through this ambiguous use the question of authorship arises, as well as the question in which reference the sentence can be put to a certain place. The title of the work refers to the work Yucatan Mirror Displacements (1969) by Robert Smithson.