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150 x 110 x 32 cm

(Dimensions variable)

5 polyurethane castings painted,

1: 1 scale, painted wood

// Photo series: 110 x 73 cm each

on 3 mm Alu-Dibond

(Edition: 5 pieces + 1 Ap)

// Photo credits: Sarah Decristoforo



Five oversized kits, which contains miscellaneous equipment like rifle, ammunition, and grenades. The lack of functionality and the unloaded white of the weapon parts, as well as the 1:1 scale, emphasizes the absurd relationship between play and reality. The individual parts are removable and could be connected with each other. A 5-part photo series is documenting a playful versatility. The construction game is quite orderly and pre-structured, but gives space for individual thinking and different action sequences. Through the player's offensive, a conclusion of the vulnerability of urban space is shown, which is viewed as a three-dimensional game world.

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