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booklet, 17 x 21 cm, numbered, 
1st Edition: 30 pieces 

VIDEO:  0:24 min, loop, digital pictureframe

23 x 19 x 3 cm , file format: mp4

// Photos: Alexander Kremmers # 2 & 8

Thomas Scheid # 4,5,6 & 7

The work Interrobang consists of a written publication and a video animation. The animation shows a black fragment which moves on a monitor back and forth. On closer inspection the shape of a speaking mouth can be recognized. Basis of the video work are collage-like texts that come from personal notes, text fragments from the Internet, advertising and magazines. These text collages were published in booklet Interrobang. In the text work itself elements of journalism, advertising and mass communication were used. The repetitive »I like« inside the text refers to common practice in social network. The mouth shaped-black fragment of the video is voiceless and anonymous, as is virtually the case in the social networks. The mechanisms of perception and the awareness of a contemporary collective mindset and communication shall be interrogated.

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