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digital print on cotton fabric
300 x 1500 cm

// exhibition view: Oktogon (Dresden)
// Photo Credits: Florian Voggeneder #1 & 2

Alexander Kremmers # 3, 4 & 5 


Caught between pattern and motif
A street brawl, a warrior in Sudan civil war, the Bloods and Crips Gang, Guantanamo Bay prisoners, a Ku Klux Klan member, a soldier with tank trap adorn the large installation in form of a curtain. Embedded in a stylized landscape the ten templates from the Internet appear as repeating motifs. The copper engraving-like drawing, the reddish hue, and the fine foliage refer to the French Toile de Jouy fabrics of the Rococo. From the ongoing repeating pattern only at a second glance recent media images, associated with violence, are dissolving instead of the supposed idyllic pastoral images á la Boucher or Fragonard. Camouflaged in the figurative pattern they appear irritating. // Text: Genoveva Rückert (Curator OK Center for Contemporary Art in Linz / Austria)

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