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3-channel video installation
MDF, satined acrylic glass
0:09 min., 0:11 min. & 0:07 min.

16: 9, loop, HD, no sound

approx. 440 x 255 x 15 cm




6 pigment prints

on fine art paper,  80 x 112 cm




Free text on artistic work

5-sided zigzag fold  

closed: 9 x 15 cm

Naked bodies of a porn film from the internet has been transformed into color surfaces. Each frame of the film has been overlaid by vector graphics. The image background including the performers has been removed. Originally copulating bodies are turning into ironically alienated simple color areas after the revision. These remaining collage-like arranged elements summarized into three life-sized video animations for reexamination of appearance and body language in the porn movie. The colored areas refer to the stereotypical movements and behavior patterns of the cinematic template and confront the curiosity of the viewer with digital concealment. Depending on the viewer’s associations, impressions move between pattern and motif and blast the unambiguity of the pornographic starting material.​ In her graphic series, she transfers pertinent media images into the seemingly ornamental. The color stains arranged on white ground which she grouped collage-like to decorative patterns, unveil their hidden source on further inspection. They prove to be ironically alienated artifacts from the internet: Decristoforo disassembled pornographic material into semi-abstract elements, clothed the naked body parts by using vector graphics and deleted the original photo layer. The stereotype composition of the sexual explicit templates  converted into the absurd by the remaining ornamental figures. The remaining figures run the stereotype composition of the sexual explicit templates into the absurd. Decristoforo faces the voyeurism with digital disguise. She blows up the staging distinctness of the original pornographic material. The colored image elements which have taken place are instead floating undecided between pattern (bared of its context of meaning) and motif (incline into the ironical). 

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