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2021 / 2022



Multi-Media installation

3-D Rendering, 4k multi-projection, 8'' loop

audio/sound transducers, 7:13'' loop

cold mist evaporator, odor formular

voice for audio: Lisa Schrammel



Morphing animation 9:16,

sound, full HD, loop



 10 ml formula, glass ampoule,

printed plastic skin 12.5 x 9 cm

6 plus 1AP

Picture no. 2:

Radierung after Gérard Lairesse

The Microscopic Structure of the Skin, from Govard Bidloo, Anatomia Humani Corporis, 1685

Topology of Desire is a multimedia installation that uses light, sound, and smell to map the idiosyncratic concept of desire and draws a bridge between humans and their products, between nature and culture. Instead of a familiar language, the installation encounters words with no obvious meaning—secret ingredients whose names are impossible to translate: Amniofluidol, Fantasmaspektrin or Hydroxul, … The terms animate to think about product names of the pharmaceutical industry. A diffuse female voice can be heard reciting these miracle drug-like ingredients with a soft timbre. Out of this 'dictionary of foreign word' a patented formula of synthetic molecules has been developed in cooperation with an olfactory laboratory. These sensual impressions are synchronized with visual cues that evoke an artificial world. A large-scale projected light image is layered on the walls – like a second skin, revealing a billowing fleshy substance. Cryptic symbols emerge in an animation, ceaselessly merging into one another—and constantly recombining like whimsical formulas…

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