Animation aus roten

Filmstreifen 16:9, 00:10 min

302 x 365 cm
Neonröhren, Metallkonstruktion
elektrische Schaltung


60 x 30 x 24 cm
Spionglas, elektrische Schaltung


Audio 03:29min
Gobo Projektor, Spiegelfolie
Stimme: Lisa Schrammel


Projektionen 9:16, Sound (Stolen Love und Fanfare 1,2,3 aus Max Steiner's King Kong Soundtrack) 01:52min


80 cm LED-Band,

elektrische Schaltung, nachtaktiv

// Fotocredits: Thomas Scheid

[…]. The opening act kicks off this show in six acts. Curtain up. The neon sign flashes and captivates those passing by. If the text can be recognized, the onomatopoeic word rewards us, like a fanfare. TADAAA. In a separee the F.Machine relieves itself and right next door you can listen to a magic-tragic love story about a lady who has been cut in the middle of her body and tends to lose her lower part. With two lower bodies, Stripsy KingKong is an artistic reaction that refers to a phenomenon on the net. iStripper or Desktop Stripper can be downloaded on your computer, and you can be entertained at any time with an erotic strip show on your desktop. The dancers from Stripsy King Kong, however, remain fragmented/halved and are overlaid by far less specific associative patterns: it is symmetrical lumps, fleshy flatulence, mutated human remains that make their show appearance here. These figures remind more on science fiction and insane cloning than on the pornography from which they have been extracted. The final act is a pulsating red. Marsover is placed in the ox-eye
of the building. A bull's eye at the intersection of public space and exhibition space. The light radiates from the edge, becomes stronger, and then flattens out again, like a signal communicating to the outside. The show accompanied and contextualized by a flyer that guides through the program. We wish you good entertainment! // Text: Dagmar Schink (Managing Director, VALIE EXPORT Center, Linz)