Pandora reloaded: Sarah Decristoforo im Interview mit Maria Oberrauch / 2018








Kontext Premierentage: über Sex im Taxispalais / komplex Online Magazin 2018



// Text: Nina Tabassomi

Director & Curator TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle Tirol / Innsbruck, Austria)

In Sarah Decristoforo’s work, three influential male concepts of threatening female sexuality merge into a figuration of ambivalent desire that glows in high-voltage lettering: PAN-DOOR-AAAAH. Pandora (from Greek mythology: the first woman and the bearer of all fatherly evil), Sigmund Freud’s „Dora“ (the notion of hysteria as an outgrowth of perverse female inclinations) and Vladimir Nabokov’s „Lolita“ (the child-woman who inevitably provokes male drives) merge in a text spoken by a female voice with a breathy, erotic timbre. The loudspeaker cabins opposite the glowing red neon letters of PAN-DOOR-AAAAH force the heads of visitors into this narrow grid of traditional ideas and their bodies against steep peaks. The three female figures exhibit numerous cross-connections, which are also described in the annotated text in the accompanying guide. Do the overlapping citations in words, high-voltage letters and sounds that lead ad absurdum allow us to strip these discriminating inscriptions from our sexualised bodies, or at least to tattoo them a bit differently?


// Text: Jürgen Tabor

Kurator und Kunsthistoriker, Innsbruck;

A basic principle of Sarah Decristoforo's multimedia and textual works is the examination of films, images, texts, symbolic languages and aesthetics from everyday culture and mass media, which speak about political and social power relations and thereby penetrate into intimate, sometimes obscene areas. In her research-based works, she analyzes and recontextualizes cultural forms of expression that are as direct and abrupt as graffiti and pornographic images, but also as reflective as scientific works. The light and sound installation My Intimate Mash Up is borrowed from a found wall graffiti in which the sacred of love and the devilish of desire form an ambivalent synthesis. By processing the title melodies of the films "The Exorcist" and "The Devil in Miss Jones", she makes reference to an obsession in which religious and sexual are mixed. The video installation "My Adult Comedy Drama" and the accompanying script book of the same name deal with pornographic language and speech acts. While the script is a personal and scientific text collage, the video work weaves soberly spoken but extremely explicit instructions and descriptions from various sources and contexts into a dense, rhythmic dialogue that fascinates and irritates at the same time as the pornographic itself.

(from: RLB Art Prize 2018, exhibition catalogue)

Translated with


// Text: Genoveva Rückert

Curator OK Center for Contemporary Art in Linz/Austria


Caught between pattern and motif
A street brawl, a warrior in Sudan civil war, the Bloods and Crips Gang, Guantanamo Bay prisoners, a Ku Klux Klan member, a soldier with tank trap adorn the large installation in form of a curtain. Embedded in a stylized landscape the ten templates from the Internet appear as repeating motifs. The copper engraving-like drawing,  the reddish hue, and the fine foliage refer to the French Toile de Jouy fabrics of the Rococo. 
From the ongoing repeating pattern only at a second glance recent media images, associated with violence, are dissolving instead of the supposed idyllic pastoral images á la Boucher or Fragonard. Camouflaged in the figurative pattern  they appear irritating. Light footed the game opens up between the domestic interior, isolated by the curtain  and the exterior with its public image world. The strategy of camouflage, the shift in context, the dialectics of outside and inside, the preoccupation with the everyday violence and working with existing materials and patterns characterize the work of Sarah Decristoforo.


Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-14 um
Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-14 um

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