// 2018


Various different dimensions

Video, sound, 3:26 min., loop, full HD,

// sound in cooperation with 

Jhonny Geiger


// Photo: Sarah Decristoforo

The multi-media work My Intimate Mash Up consists of four parts: a video work, a piece of music, a lightsign and a text work. The starting point of the multi-part work is the porn film "The Devil in Miss Jones" and the horror film "The Exorcist" from the 70s. The work refers to an obsession in which the sexual and the religious, horror and desire are intertwined. The video work My Intimate Mash Up Exorcycle shows two film stills of the respective protagonists Regan from "The Exorcist" and Miss Jones from "The Devil in Miss Jones", in an almost identical pose. Printed and mounted back to back on a black pole against a black background, the two stills are set in motion by a rotation motor and filmed again.  In the video, the two protagonists perform a "revolving dance" choreographed to the rhythm of the piece of music. The speed of the movement makes the two images flow into the unrecognisable until the tempo decreases and the rotating portraits become visible for a brief moment. The video and the light object (see next link) are accompanied acoustically by a newly composed sound mashup from the title melodies of the respective films.