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// 2018



in cooperation with Thomas Kluckner

// Visualization: Sarah Decristoforo

Urban structures meet agricultural land and the surrounding floodplain landscape. The starting point for the resulting work is this contrasting habitat with all its rich colours. "Our carpet", an object made of glass and steel, functions as a communal display. The coloured "glass panel", reminiscent of a hanging carpet in the inner courtyard, with its 64 coloured stripes refers to the 64 living units of the three new buildings. 

Depending on the incidence of sunlight, a "shadow of colour" is created that moves through the courtyard over the course of a day. The colour stripes are arranged next to each other and refer to one next to and with each other. The symbol of the carpet connects the interior with the exterior and stands, as it were, for a colourful "tied" story that opens up room for thought. The colour stripes of the "glass carpet" are based on poetic text pieces. These are based on research and on-site inspections, as well as on personal memories and experiences. The resulting mapping establishes manifold references to the place of residence and its surroundings. The text pieces are dedicated to the everyday life in the house, as well as to the superior region Tyrol, its culture and the geographical peculiarities. The result is a text/colour concept developed for the place of residence consisting of 64 texts and colour stripes, with unique and individual stories. 

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