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audio 3'04''voice: Lisa Schrammel
Speakers, straps, gobo projector

Wooden construction 250 x 480 x 353 cm


Gallows bar

Wooden relays 350 x 200 x 10 cm

black color, alcoholic beverages 

// photo credits:Thomas Kluckner

Suicide Artist is a dark comedy and takes place in the setting of a gallery - in the middle of the forest. Two loudspeakers hang lashed together from a branch in the gallery space, sounding a woman's voice that, accompanied by a blue spot of light on the wall, tells of her love affair with a world-weary artist. This morbidly comic story, in interplay with the stage-like tableau surrounded by undergrowth and moldy smell, is about ephemerality and tells of success and failure in life.

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