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Audio 1‘56‘‘ / voice: Isabella Parkinson

Edition: 7inch Vinyl with unique smashed kiss

// Lightsign: black vinyl film cut,

spy mirror film, 7 x 0,35 m 

// Fotocredits: Thomas Scheid

A spy mirror foil covers a 7-meter-long light box on the facade of the MEMPHIS art space/Linz. The words INHALEEXHALE appear and disappear in the reflecting surface. This message spotlights the unconscious process of breathing. As a commentary on the busy street, on the one hand, and as a fragile, oppressive word message about the pandemic, on the other. An edition of 10 consisting of a 7-inch vinyl and a fine art print has been created to accompany the installation on the facade: a female voice with a dark, smoky timbre can be heard telling a story about the “Kiss of Life”. The 10 selected kiss scenes of the print series taken from politics, pop culture and religion. Held in pastel hues, a disconcerting circular hole adorns the scene, forming an empty space exactly where a kiss had been before. The edition is available through art space Memphis while supplies last. //


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