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in cooperation with Thomas Kluckner

Alu Dibond, phosphorescent adhesive tapes, metal construction

4 x 3,5 x 2 m

About the project Western Motorway Sculpture Park:

A sculpture park was created in summer 2016 at the Linz interchange, the junction of the A1 and A7 motorways. Almost unnoticed by the world outside, eleven artists installed projects on this quasi-insular expanse (…).

A monochrome panel taking the shape of an advertising sign absorbs sunlight via its phosphorescent surface. At dusk, this generates a cold-green afterglow, an effect that recalls safety markings or the techno scene. The object transmits neither textual nor pictorial information. It is located in a clearing of a wooded area, surrounded by the steady noise of the adjacent motorway. Being illuminated, the billboard becomes an empty screen that, like a nocturnal decoy, vainly courts attention until it disappears again.

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