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2016 //


Architectural art competition

for the professional fire brigarde Linz

//lettering and light installation for the exterior facade

// in cooperation with Thomas Kluckner
// Vizualisation: Sarah Decristoforo

An approximately 18m long and 20cm wide LED strip light is installed behind the perforated sheet panels. At a height of approx. 4m, the strip runs along the south façade and bends into the east façade. The light installation is controlled in two different modes: the 24 hour mode and the night mode. If the fire brigade moves out during an operation, whether during the day or at night, a luminaire becomes visible. The light band begins to shine red through the perforated sheet metal façade and switches itself off again after a certain time has elapsed. When dusk falls, the night mode is activated. The light band glows white in increasing and decreasing light intensity, similar to a stand-by mode. It signals that the fire brigade is on standby. This breathing light pulse also refers to the respiratory protection workshop, which is now fully equipped in the North Fire Station. By positioning the lighting system directly behind the façade, it becomes an integral part of the building. The lighting penetrates from the inside to the outside. The light band symbolizes the pulse of the team, which steps out as a common rhythm.


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